Welcome to Aravier

It is Aravian nature to be calm and stoic. You rarely see the bastards
coming until they’re already flying their flag from your keep.

– Count Cecil Firmbay –

The Duchy of Aravier is part of the Kingdom of Alesia on the Luna (NA-E) server for Chronicles of Elyria.  Our objective is to build a balanced duchy offering players a wide array of opportunities in a stable and well governed environment. Aravier welcomes players with a variety of playstyles and aspirations including roleplayers, PvPers, adventurers, architects, blacksmiths, bankers, etc, and even those odd-balls who just want to play Farming Simulator 1077AD.

We are aiming for a varied and robust gaming environment for our players as we strive to be the most prosperous and stable duchy within the Kingdom of Alesia. We have adopted a set of principles for the culture, tone, and approach to the Duchy of Aravier. We want to create:

  • A duchy that offers variety for people to pursue their interests;
  • A community that accommodates multiple playstyles;
  • A community that accepts the casual and hardcore gamer alike;
  • A strong and clear legal framework that protects people and their property;
  • A duchy that allows people to truly excel and prosper as a result of their actions, ingenuity, dedication, and ambition;
  • A government and bureaucracy that is focused on the prosperity and safety of the duchy as a whole and not just the nobles;

Our approach to governing within Chronicles of Elyria acknowledges that the game is specifically designed for a medieval style feudal hierarchy, and many of the elements of our real-world society that we take for granted are not necessarily going to be mirrored within a feudal game.

We are offering a gaming environment that is governed by the Duke and his Counts and Countesses through a legal framework that expands upon the principle Kingdom laws, and is designed to ensure players have a safe and stable environment to develop their businesses and pursue their interests. However, the nobility and aristocracy are afforded significant powers and authority as befits the setting of the game; this isn’t a duchy that is run democratically.