The Story So Far…

Surviving the perils of the Deranged King of Xeilias, the people were thrown into the turmoil of rebellion and strife as the old regime collapsed. Freeing themselves from the corruption and slavery of the Xeilias, the people found themselves awash with not only widespread crime, but the return of ancient blood-feuds.

A new nobility rose in the region. Anointed by blood, wealth, or through their people’s respect, these new nobles quickly found conflict with the remaining Lords of the Xeilian Empire. The once fertile lands and the wealth of the region were squandered.

Amongst the voices calling for cooperation, was Maximilian Seele. The mayor of the prosperous city of Tarkhum. Respected for his wisdom and integrity, Seele began to draw together any nobles willing listen to his vision of a united kingdom. Drawing people under his leadership as his influence grew, Maximilian Seele extended the reach of Tarkhoum to once more bring the rule of law and order the once proud Duchy of Aravier.

Seeing the pain of the people and the ruin of industry, many of the nobles knew they needed to act to bring this chaotic chapter for the region, to a close. Even those unmoved by the suffering of their people, foresaw there was no future that wasn’t under the boot-heel of a neighboring kingdom if the chaos continued.

In the ensuing years a powerful warlord of the old Xeillian regime, Phyllain, gathered immense influence and sway throughout the region as a result of his military conquests. While he had garnered significant power, Phyllain was faced with the choice of a seemingly endless conquest, or to unite the handful of powerful nobles across the region and pivot his attention to the external threats.

Choosing to travel the route of diplomacy, Phyllain brought together the major players in the political realms. Working with both the old and new worlds, he began planning for the future; the Kingdom of Alesia. Among those called to Phyllain’s table to help build this new kingdom, was Maximilian Seele. By this time, Maximilian had accumulated sufficient control of Aravier that Phyllain made a proposal: Maximilian would be recognised as Duke of Aravier and allowed to rule the refounded Duchy of Aravier, and in return he recognise Phyllain as King of Alesia and pledge fealty.

The new nobility of Aravier were somewhat wary of the seemingly bloodthirsty nature of Xeillian lords, and they had spent considerable energy and lives in expunging their previous overlords from the Xeillian Empire. While concern was voiced in council, Maximilian saw this as the only plausible means of ensuring the region exited the darkness of the chaos that had engulfed it for many years by that point. Seeing the necessity to commit to the idea of the Kingdom of Alesia, the Lords of Aravier swore fealty to King Phyllain, along with the collected lords and ladies across the region of Alesia.

With the formation of the Kingdom of Alesia, the citizenry were given the strong sense of hope for a lengthy peace. Aravier had sufficient safety for the meantime that it could now focus more fully on the removal of the bandits that had taken advantage of the strife, and the reconstruction of its once vibrant and prosperous industry. Becoming a land of opportunity for the capable, the Duchy of Aravier entered into an age of prosperity for all.