County of Kreuzstadt


Capital: Wolfsklaue
Noble House: Ulvoyne
Titular Head: Lord Duran Ulvoyne, Count of Kreuzstadt

The county of Kreuzstadt is wealthy region within Aravier that is renown for not only its martial prowess, but also its astute merchants. While much of its aristocracy and nobility dedicate themselves to honing their mind and bodies to dominate the battlefield, those that do not choose military service will undoubtedly become sharp-minded merchants. Sitting as the undisputed jewel of the county, the capital city of Wolfsklaue dominates with its sheer size and it’s bustling economy which compliments it’s highly respected military academy, the Militaire Academie can Kreuzstadt.

Significant Locations

  • Wolfsklaue – Capital city of Kreuzstadt county and a feared bastion of war.
  • Barenfalle – A ancestral fortress held by Falric Sudderland, also known as The Bronze Bear.
  • Militaire Academie van Kreuzstadt – A renown military academy located within the capital of Kreuzstadt, where young warriors are taught how to conduct war with honor.
  • Das Macht – The halls of might, a grand crypt in which renowned warriors of Kreuzstadt are buried so that their descendents may come to pay homage and learn of their ancestor’s great deeds.

History of the County of Kreuzstadt

Kreuzstadt is a large settlement founded by the effort of two great houses, led by two great knights. The capital, Wolfsklaue is a bastion of war, with great walls surrounding it and breaching further into the county. The two families are known to honorably disagree now and again between the members but are always united against exterior forces in diplomacy and in military matters.

The county is run by the two families, both taking action to ensure its stability and success. In the current day, the heads of the major families are Falric Sudderland, and Duran Ulvoyne. Each attempt to live up to the legends of their ancestors, as well as encouraging others to act out their own great feats within the Knights of Kreuzstadt, a knightly order based around the two families and each member’s own heroism.

In regards to military, the Kreuzstadters locally consider it very prestigious to be a member of it’s military academy, and it’s not unheard of for warriors who prove their valor to be raised to nobility in the local society. In some circumstances the count of the Kreuzstadt may be willing to rent our their men to the highest bidder, but only if the war would bring the families of the military men enough honor in combat, and even plunder in military victory.